Loan Amortization Calculator is a financial simulator and faq site.

Our goal is to inform the public about dynamics involving loan amortization, specifically the differences of cost with different loan terms in an annuity structure.


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The calculator was designed to convey the great differences in total cost that a borrower can incur, when using different loan terms. With LAC, visitors can adjust values to visually see how much they will pay in a pie chart.


The calculator is programmed in the PhP language, based on the annuity formula. The data is used to calculate percentages, which are sent to the graph, also drawn in


  • 1.07: Maximum duration reduced to 100 years, so that table data does not lag browsers
  • 1.06: Payment table added and quality checked with various other websites and formulas
  • 1.05: Formula modified to accommodate extra payments
  • 1.03: Formatted to process commas
  • 1.02: Percentages added to graph
  • 1.01: Decimal point extended to the nano range for maximum accuracy


Designed, programmed, and produced by:

Scott Forsberg