Cablevision dispute with Fox could mean higher cable prices

October 14th, 2010 - this article is free to republish with open public license

A conflict over pricing could remove the Fox network from Cablevision’s program schedule.

Fox, a network known for questionable news, is currently in a financial dispute with Cablevision. Perhaps they can make use of Oliver North in smuggling weapons to contra forces once again, this time to those who oppose Cablevision’s business plan.

“In a difficult economy, it is unfair and wrong for News Corp. to demand a huge fee increase from Cablevision customers for Fox’s Channel 5 and My9 — and then threaten to pull the plug if they don’t get want they want,” said Cablevision, in a prepared statement.

But Fox says it’s just trying to get the money it deserves for quality programming.

Fox’s Position

“Our position in these negotiations is entirely reasonable — we are simply asking for fair compensation for the value Fox5 and My9 programming offers,” said Fox, in a prepared statement.

Cablevision says it is already paying more than $70 million annually for Fox programming, and says Fox wants to bump it up to $150 million. Fox would not confirm or deny details of the finances.

What happens next: This will all come down to the wire at midnight on Friday EST — the payment deadline for WNYW-Fox5 and My9, both in New York; and another disputed channel, WTXF-Fox29 out of Philadelphia.

“While negotiations are ongoing, we have a responsibility to prepare our viewers for the very likely possibility that as of Friday at midnight — Cablevision may no longer carry Fox5 and My9, and Fox29 programming,” said Fox.

Appealing to Subscribers

Their way of preparing viewers — Cablevision has been running ads in an attempt to appeal to subscribers caught in the middle. One of the ads depicts a woman saying, “Hey News Corp, don’t make me part of your latest drama. ”

Outside of this dispute, Fox is still caught up in its pay dispute with another network. Fox blocked 19 regional sports networks in a rate increase dispute with Dish Network (DISH, Fortune 500) at midnight on Sept. 30. To top of page

The Fox Entertainment Group is an American entertainment industry company that owns film studios and terrestrial, cable, and direct broadcast satellite television properties. It is wholly owned and controlled by the Australian/American media conglomerate News Corporation, which is Chaired and part owned by the Australian/American Rupert Murdoch, since the company acquired all the stock of Fox. The transaction was completed on March 12, 2005.

It is named after William Fox, born Wilhelm Fried, who created the original Fox Film Corporation.

Date October 14, 2010